I HATE working out by myself.

I’ve never been much of a group fitness person…I’m kinda an introvert. I also tend to lean towards the perfectionism ends of things, which means that if I don’t know I can do it perfectly I tend to procrastinate. I prefer to “do my own thing” and I’ve been fine with that for the last few years because I had a really great workout partner. We had fun, pushed each other and held each other accountable, it was perfect. But now I’m finding myself on my own for my workouts and I’m really struggling. So I’ve made a decision: I’m going to start working out with you, is that okay? Ready to start? Today? I’m going to shoot for three days a week? One day is upper body, one day is legs and one day the focus is solely on cardio. I’m going to do core all three days and some quick cardio on my not cardio focus days. Does that make sense?

Here we go!

Today I’m using 12lb dumbbells, a stability ball and a back extension rack.

Cardio warm-up: 21 minutes. Walk 4 minutes, run 1. Repeat 4 times. Finish with walking 1 minute.

  • 10 – dumbbell bench press on stability ball
  • 10 – push-ups
  • 10 – dumbbell tricep extensions on stability ball
  • Dumbbell chest fly on stability ball
  • Renegade row with dumbbell
  • 20 count – Russian twist – 10 each side
  • 1 minute plank
  •  20 each side) oblique crunches – with dumbbells on back extension rack
  • 20 Jack knives

Repeat three times.

I took a long lunch to get my workout in and  had some extra time at the end so I also went for a mile and a half walk.

Now remember, this is what I did for my workout.  Everyone is at a different fitness level and I am not telling you to do this specific workout. If you are just starting with fitness please make sure you talk to your doctor before starting anything.  If you are looking for help in getting started or wanting some motivation/inspiration/accountability, I am a certified personal trainer and would love to help you!

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